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Quantum Information

1. Quantum Computation based on Spin Qubits

  • Based on multi-qubits in diamond, we study quantum circuits toward fault-tolerant quantum computation.

  • Our research focuses on

    • generation and control of NV-nuclear spin and NV-NV pairs

    • design circuits for programmable multi-pulse control

    • extension of qubit coherence time

    • evaluation based on quantum tomography, two-qubits gate fidelity

Quantum circuit
electron spin

2. Quantum Control with External Fields

  • We study advanced quantum control of diamond spin qubits based on various control fields including magnetic, strain and electric field. 

  • Our research focuses on

    • multi-microwave control of qubits, qutrits

    • strain and electric field control of spin and optical properties

    • multi-modes control and toward cavity optomechanics

strain-based spin control
NV center in T-shaped cantilever

Quantum Sensing

3. Quantum Imaging of Solid-State Materials

  • We study exotic magnetic and spin phenomena in condensed matter systems
    by using novel scanning probe microscopy based on diamond NV centers.

  • Our research focuses on

    • nano-meter scale imaging of DC and AC magnetic field

    • sensing and imaging of spin textures in magnetic materials

    • sensing and imaging of current flow/distribution in transport devices

Magnetometry by NV center
Magnetometry by NV center

4. Quantum Imaging of Bio-Medical Systems

  • Based on diamond NV centers which are quantum sensors operating at ambient conditions, we study bio-medical systems by using wide-field-of-view imaging methods.

  • Our research focuses on

    • sensing and imaging of the magnetic field associated with bio-medical activities

    • single molecule-level NMR and toward nano-MRI

    • developing advanced sensing methodologies

Biometry by NV center
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