Overall research theme: Quantum Information and Quantum Sensing

After the era of NISQ (Noise Intermediate-Scale Quantum) technology, quantum systems may be used in daily life applications and can provide new concepts of devices that are not possible from their classical counterparts. Our research focuses on quantum information and sensing based on solid-state spin qubits e.g. nitrogen-vacancy (NV) defect centers in diamond. The research uses experimental techniques developed in the field of quantum optics and condensed matter physics.

Quantum Information

Quantum Sensing

Quantum information in defect-based spin qbit
Quantum sening by defect-bsed spin qubt
  • Quantum information based on diamond spin qubits

  • Quantum computer with multi-qubit

  • Quantum control with external fields

  • Quantum sensing of various fields

  • Quantum imaging of solid-states and biomedical systems

  • Advanced quantum sensing methodology



We have openings for postdocs, graduate students and undergraduate students. Highly motivated persons are welcome. Contact Prof. Donghun Lee, donghun at korea.ac.kr for more information


Lab: 02-3290-3601

Office: 02-3290-3095


Recent Publications

  • Donghun Lee and Jay Gupta, “Special Issue on Quantum Nanophotonics in Emerging Materials", Nanophotonics accepted (2019)

  • Yoonsu Bae, Jiseoup Yu, Yeonseok Jung, Donghun Lee† and Dukhyun Choi†, “Cost-effective and High-throughput Plasmonic3 Interference Coupled Nanostructures by using Quasi4 uniform Anodic Aluminum Oxide”, Coatings 9(7), 420 (2019)  † Co-corresponding authors